GreenSpeed driver advisory system - danish train


GreenSpeed driver advisory system - user-driven development

To improve railway operation it is a key element to involve the drivers. They know the daily operation better than any planner. We believe that any successful DAS project needs the support and engagement of the drivers from day one. We design intuitive graphical user interfaces by involving the drivers in co-creative workshops in order to identify all their needs for driver assistance. We listen to and engage with the drivers before delivering the final solution. Our standard system is always a tailor made best-in-market solution, which we deliver with short lead times thanks to our expertise and experience.



GreenSpeed driver advisory system - advanced algorithm

At the core of GreenSpeed DAS is our advanced advisory engine.This is the algorithm calculating the recommended speed or action in any given moment. Our product philosophy is based on smart and powerful real-time calculations on-board each train.This in turn makes the fleet-wide installation robust and flexible.

We develop and supply algorithms for various driving strategies like cruising, coasting and powered coasting depending on the operators’ needs. Each calculation takes only a few seconds. We continuously improve the algorithms to reduce calculation times and enhance the quality of the recommendations.



GreenSpeed driver advisory system - flexible user interface

With the diverging needs of railway operators one IT solution can
never fit all. We deliver fleet-wide solutions that can work on
rolling stock ranging from old diesel locomotives to modern
EMU’s. Cubris delivers flexible, high-performing tailor-made
solutions exactly for your operational needs. Always reliable and
very affordable.
We pride ourselves of delivering GreenSpeed on all major IT
platforms and devices within the industry. Our IT is tested and
proven to run on Linux, Windows, iOS and Android systems. This
also means that we can tailor-make GreenSpeed solutions for incab
computers, fixed screens, tablets, smartphones or any
handheld device.

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