GreenSpeed driver advisory system installed in DSB

We offer the following steps to get acquainted with GreenSpeed before you take any investment decision


1. See GreenSpeed in full operation at DSB

Visit us in Copenhagen, Denmark, to experience yourself how GreenSpeed has transformed daily operation within the Danish Railways (DSB). We will be pleased to organise customised meetings in order to show you the on-board equipment, the in-cab driver experience as well as the driver training concept.

2. Start with a trial

The best way to discover the potential of GreenSpeed is to see the system functioning in your own trains. We offer different trials depending on your needs for information and the fleet complexity. Typically we will make a trial on one selected route with a duration of 1-2 hours.

We run trials using tablets without any need for integration on the train. Alternatively we can calculate the improvement potential (IPA) for your current operation without any driver disturbance. As a result of the trial we will prepare a short report with calculations, concrete findings for your operations and a list of recommendations for next steps.

3. Pilot project

You might prefer to have a more thorough pilot project working in real operation due to the specific customisation and integration needed for a particular system before taking any final investment decisions. We are here to ensure you get the best system.

4. Invitation to tender

Most operators are obliged to make a public call for tender in order to follow EU procurement regulation. We work together with reliable suppliers of hardware and we cooperate with established local engineering and installation partners if you want a turnkey solution.

5. Project roll-out

We take care of all the phases from contract signature until final approval and delivery.

Learn about the benefits

There are many reasons to choose GreenSpeed, including punctuality, energy, capacity and more

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