GreenSpeed - connected driver advisory system (DAS / C-DAS)


GreenSpeed is a connected driver advisory system (C-DAS) that binds together existing operational systems using new technology. GreenSpeed will help the individual driver make better decisions, it will help the operational planners to optimise their planning and it will help management to understand the daily operations and possible recurring issues. By having that knowledge, management will be able to act on a solid and factual base and to measure the results of its decisions.

Commitment and acceptance of the system is imperative. The commitment must include everyone from the individual driver to the planning department to the top management. We have had great success in doing exactly so with our current customers, and look forward to starting a similar customised process with you. Here you will find the major components that form our complete concept of bringing a successful driver advisory system to you.

GreenSpeed driver advisory system - system overview


GreenSpeed is a complete driver advisory system that consists of hardware and software on the landside and on the train. The system architecture is built to deliver always updated data to the train from the landside Data Centre.

GreenSpeed driver advisory system - system overview


In our experience, different train operators have different requirements to a driver advisory system. Some need to have all available information included in the resulting advice, while others want a simple setup without even installing anything onboard the train. We offer a range of products bringing GreenSpeed to you at your desired level, ranging from industrial equipment mounted in the drivers cab to tablet-based solutions – you can even run GreenSpeed on an iPad!


Train drivers tend to have very high expectations to the equipment they use in their daily operations, and they are not afraid to give their opinion if something is not working optimally. We like to include that commitment constructively, and have been very successful in doing so in previous projects.
In every project, we adapt the user interface through our proven interaction design concept – from design to rollout. By doing so, the result becomes perfect in the actual environment while gaining the acceptance of the drivers.

GreenSpeed driver advisory system - simulator


The GreenSpeed driver training programme is tailor-made to every customer to be efficient while motivating and improving the general acceptance among the drivers.
The concept is simple; we use a combination of classroom training and simulator-driving to make the training realistic and familiar to the driver. By using our portable simulators, the training can be carried out decentralised at the depots or wherever it makes sense to avoid expensive transportation time.

GreenSpeed driver advisory system - driving strategy


GreenSpeed offers a range of driving strategies depending on topography, schedule, speed limits, train performance etc. We select the optimal driving advice strategy based on observations, interviews and analysis from the current operation.
We often recommend using a combination of the three strategies: Coasting (advice to remove power), Powered coasting (advice to put the controller in a certain notch position) and Cruising (advice to maintain speed).
We adjust the strategy and characteristics (acceleration, resistance and more) for each train class.

GreenSpeed driver advisory system - landside and data


When initiating a journey, the on-board GreenSpeed system requests all required data from the Data Centre based on the information verified by the driver. This ensures that all data on the train is up-to-date and validated including the specific timetable, TSR, ESR and more.
Communication with the Data Centre is maintained during the entire journey to ensure that data is constantly updated. It also allows for feedback and messaging the driver.
The Data Centre can receive all operating data automatically (from external data providers) or it can be entered manually through an easy-to-use suite of management tools. All depending on which data sources are available.

GreenSpeed driver advisory system - reporting


Every detail of a journey is logged and transferred to the Data Centre for storage and analysis. Monitoring and reporting is accessible from the administration tool and a secure web portal.
The reports can be used for a range of purposes, including feedback to the operational planning, drivers and management. The reporting feature offers a unique opportunity for identifying and improving the overall operations.

GreenSpeed driver advisory system - TMS and C-DAS


GreenSpeed is a real-time system that allows interfacing with third party traffic management systems. Updates to the schedules, routing and more are immediately available to the on-train GreenSpeed equipment. In case there is an operational irregularity, the infrastructure manager often chooses to issue new versions of the planned schedule to resolve the issue as fast as possible. By having the real-time data feed to GreenSpeed, the new plan can be executed quickly and correctly by the train drivers.
Furthermore, GreenSpeed is in the process of being adapted to interface with ERTMS in Denmark to be able to comply with the new European system standard.

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”It is a very positive experience to use the system. Great with all the information available from the GreenSpeed screen.”
Erik T. Dejbjerg, Train driver