Benefits of the GreenSpeed driver advisory system

The GreenSpeed DAS offers a range of benefits. By adjusting the driving strategy, the train operator can choose to focus more on a specific area, for example increased punctuality or energy savings. The primary benefits are explained here.

Key benefits by GreenSpeed:

  • Improved punctuality and reduced penalties
  • Energy savings
  • Traffic management system (TMS) integration for true fluent traffic (C-DAS)
  • Increased infrastructure capacity
  • Paperless cab
  • Feedback through powerful reports to planners, drivers and management
  • Reduced maintenance due to less wear and tear - especially on engines and brakes
  • Reduced driver errors / increased safety
  • Improved work environment
  • Improved passenger satisfaction



Punctuality improvements make room for shorter headway, higher capacity utilisation and higher customer satisfaction. Benefitting you as a railway operator.
Some call it advanced operation, we call it common sense.



GreenSpeed uses a set of complex algorithms to calculate the optimal speed for saving energy. The algorithms are adapted to each individual challenge using the optimal driving strategy. Knowing the conditions of a route enables GreenSpeed to give the driver real-time advice that assures a decrease in energy consumption.



Updates to the schedule, speed restrictions and routes are immediately available to the on-train GreenSpeed equipment. In case there is an operational irregularity, the infrastructure manager often chooses to issue new versions of the planned schedule to resolve the issue as fast as possible – or make small dynamic changes to recover from minor irregularities. By having the real-time data feed to GreenSpeed, the new plan is quickly and correctly executed by the train drivers.

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