Cubris GreenSpeed driver advisory system - train fromt

Vision, Mission & Values

At Cubris we want to provide the international railway sector with the most effective and valuable methods and systems – we want to impact the technology, the organization, the environment and the people alike in the best way possible.

Our mission is to disseminate our product GreenSpeed internationally – and thereby give the railway sector a highly developed tool to minimise environmental impact and train maintenance, and maximise punctuality, driving strategy, safety, passenger comfort and economic gains.

Sustainability, trust and flexibility are at the heart of everything we do. We pride ourselves in being innovative and open- GreenSpeed is not just a product, it is a total solution that we integrate into the organisation.

Our Method

To create the best possible outcome, we have learned through experience, that the best method is a holistic one. When implementing our product we want to make sure that it is accepted and understood on all levels – from top management to end-user. We know that this is necessary to obtain success in the long run. Working with DSB we have for example worked in and with several departments of the organisation – always maintaining coherence between the strategy initiators and the technicians. Establishing trust and understanding is always a main priority.

Our concept is that the system we provide should not be a stiff unchangeable one, but rather a collection of ‘bricks’ that the organisation can assemble and use in the manner that best fits the organisation itself.

Trials, interviews, observing and consulting staff and strategy meetings with top management are all vital parts of the best possible result in optimising the railway business.

We believe that new systems and strategies must be established from the inside out. Therefore we always prioritise and include the end-user from the beginning. This way you avoid creating a system that works on paper but not in reality – interaction and interaction design is therefore always a part of our strategy when introducing and developing systems and solutions.